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(Written and sung by Scottish singer, songwriter and musician, Dougie MacLean and here with kind permission.)


Let me tell you that I love you and I think about you all the time,
Caledonia you're calling me and now I'm going home,
But if I should become a stranger, you know that it would make me more than sad,
Caledonia's been everything I've ever had.

(Caledonia was chosen as the anthem for Homecoming Scotland 2009
as Scotland celebrated the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns.
Also see Celebrating All That's Good About Scotland, which frankly, I think is better than the official advert.)

Carole6.jpg Carole9.jpg My name is Carole Presberg. I'm married, no children. I have been a British folk music enthusiast for many, many years and because of it, visited Scotland many years ago. I fell in love with the country, and returned time and again. I am indeed an Anglophile (which my dictionary assures me includes all of Britain, not just England). Also many years ago, I visited the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival and fell in love again, this time with the Border Collie. These two loves, passions in fact, have shaped my life.

I have had Border Collies for more than 30 years and was a sheep farmer for 25 years. I have a degree in art and have been a fiber artist on and off over the years, but mostly I have been a writer and editor. For 15 years I published, edited, and wrote for The Shepherd's Dogge, a quarterly journal of the Border Collie. I've also written for numerous other magazines including Black Sheep Newsletter, Spin-Off, and International Sheepdog News. I've co-authored a book, The Working Border Collie, with Irish author and long-time Border Collie breeder, Marjorie Quarton. My half of the book was on the Border Collie in America. I also run an online bookstore called The Shepherd's Dog that carries old, antique, and out-of-print books of interest to Border Collie and sheepdog enthusiasts. These web pages have been up in one form or another for almost 20 years.

For 15 years I did Border Collie rescue, founding the North American Border Collie Rescue Network (NABCRN) and New England Border Collie Rescue (NEBCR). In 2006 I retired, as president, intake coordinator, website manager, and foster care provider, from NEBCR. I still keep my hand in as librarian and President Emeritus. Also in 2006, my last old ewe died, and I officially retired from sheep farming, though I still have a llama.

CaroleAndPup3.jpg CaroleInEngland.jpg In case you haven't guessed by now, I am a diehard Border Collie enthusiast. My main interest is in the history of the breed, and by extension, the history of the shepherd's dog in general. My current "project" is to research the early history of shepherd's dogs everywhere and as far back as I can go (the Star Trek fan in me wishes there really was time travel, but, alas! I'm stuck with the Internet and books) for a series of articles for International Sheepdog News. The photo, left, is me holding one of Adeline Jones' Welsh Sheep Dog pups. The photo below, left, is of me and Sarah Kellem, the great-great-granddaughter of the Victorian artist, Richard Ansdell.

CaroleANDSarah.jpg Those to thank for their help and friendship over the years: Barbara Carpenter; Iris Combe; Linda Rorem; Jan Hillborn; Sarah Kellem; Beth Maxwell Boyle; Margaret Bean, who taught me how to edit; Ruth Spoon-Levine, who sang Scottish folk songs with me so many years ago; Eva Lambert, with whom I ran a sheep and wool tour to Scotland for ten years; Highland's Willy Scott below, my first Border Collie and the dog that started it all, and all those that came after him: Linn, Jute, Moss, Clyde, Bess, Flash, Fenn, Chance, Kate, Sage, and Jack; and my husband, David Presberg, for patience and technical assistance.




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